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Download the D4 medical form

A medical must be completed before you may apply for LGV provisional entitlement. After the age of 45 all drivers must pass a medical every 5 years and every year from the age of 65. The medical is to confirm you are physically competent to drive a Large Goods Vehicle.

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Book your medical online With Cotswold Medicals

Your medical must be completed by a G.P. and the cost can vary greatly. Your own GP can charge anything up to £150. We recommend you contact Cotswold Medicals in the first instance. They have locations all over the UK and charge a competitive fixed rate – £52.00

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Apply for the Provisional Licence Application form – D2

A D2 is the vocational DVLA provisional licence application form. This must be completed and sent to DVLA along with your D4 form and the counterpart, (paper part) of your driving licence. The HGV or PCV provisonal licence application is free of charge so do not send any money to DVLA. Please note. The D2 form will ask what type of licence are you applying for. Make sure you tick the C box. Ticking the C1 or C1+E will limit you to 7.5 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes with trailer respectively.

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Apply for a digital tachograph Drivers’ card (ST1A Smart Card)

All vehicles manufactured after May 2006 will be fitted with a digital tachograph. In order to drive an HGV vehicle fitted with a digital tachograph you must be in possession of a digital tachograph Drivers card (smart card.) The fee is £38.00 and applications are made to DVLA.

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Driving Standards Agency (DSA)

HGV theory tests can be booked through the Driving Standards Agency. You can book your LGV theory tests in a number of different ways, by phone; 0300 200 1122 or online. For those needing to pass all three (multi-choice, hazard perception and Module 2) it may be best to book and sit all 3 theory tests on the same day. If you don’t need Driver CPC then you only need to pass two (multi choice and hazard perception.) Booking online is very quick and straightforward.

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Check Driver CPC Hours Completed

Every time a professional driver completes 7 hours of Driver CPC periodic training two things happen. The 7 hours completed are uploaded onto the DSA R and E (Recording and Evidence) system (within 5 working days) and the driver receives a certificate (issued by training provider) to confirm his or her attendance. Once the driver has completed his or her 35th hour there DQC is sent directly to their home address. The government has introduced a facility where drivers (and employers) can check online how many hours they have completed. They can also check the course dates, type of courses and how long the course lasted. This facility can be handy as keeping a track on A4 sized certificates is not always easy.

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Prepare for Driver CPC Module 4

Driver Certificate of Professional Competence Module 4 is a practical knowledge demonstration test. It is all about what a professional drivers responsibilities and duties are whilst not driving. For example ensuring a vehicle is not overloaded, making sure the load is secure, ensuring no illegal immigrants or contraband are being carried and that the vehicle is safe to take on the public highway etc. Drivers will be asked 5 questions and they must use a suitable vehicle to demonstrate their answers. Formal training is highly recommended to get through this examination. We have created a useful guide to help better prepare students for Driver CPC Module 4.

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