Forklift Training

Fork lift truck training in the UK

What is Forklift Training?

FLT is an abbreviation for Fork Lift Truck. FLT’s are the most common types of machines used for moving large palletised goods.

FLT’s are typically used within warehouses but can sometimes be found attached to an HGV (Moffett Mounty.)

There are a number of types of FLT’s including counterbalance, reach, rough terrain and telescopic, to name but a few. By far the most common is the counter balance Fork Lift Truck.

If you drive a FLT then you will need the appropriate FLT licence. To obtain the relevant licence you will need to undergo formal training and testing.

Forklift Training

How long does it take to get my FLT licence?

How long it will take your FLT licence will depend on whether you have any experience using an FLT. FLT training normally takes 2 guises, as detailed below.

Initial FLT training

This is suitable for novice operators who have no or very little experience (typically less than 6 months.) An initial course can be anything from 3 to 5 days (including test.) depending on the accreditation you are seeking.

Theory training as well as practical training will be given to help understand how a FLT works and behaves. Initial training will also cover how to carry out a pre-shift vehicle check and all the health and safety issues relating to the correct use of a FLT. You will be required to complete and pass a practical test in order to be granted a FLT licence.

Refresher FLT Training

Refresher FLT training is suitable for operators who have previously had a FLT licence or for persons who have at least 6 month experience at operating a FLT (but have no formal qualification.) Refresher courses are typically 1 day in duration and are designed to summarily confirm an operator’s ability. The person attending a refresher FLT is expected to already have a thorough understanding of how a FLT works and behaves.

Normally training companies will deliver refresher training on “customer premises” using the “customers FLT”. This is not set in stone however as some FLT training companies have their own premises and vehicles.

How long does a FLT licence last?

there are numerous qualification types when it comes to FLT training. The most common qualification is “Health & Safety”. This qualification covers the basic principles of the health and safety at work Act 1974 and in most cases will suffice, especially if the FLT is used only in the warehouse.

Health & Safety certificates have no expiry date on them as such as Health and Safety certification states that training must be adequate and periodic. Which is quite vague! However most companies will tend to renew their operator FLT licence every 3-5 years.


The Road Transport and Industry Training Board and Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register are nationally recognised FLT vocational licences.

These certificates are valid for 5 years only and must be renewed (refresher) before the current certificate expires.

How much does FLT training cost?

The cost of you FLT training will depend on various factors including your experience, your location and the type of certificate you want and need. A refresher FLT training course will cost less than an initial training course as the refresher course duration is less than an initial course.

The training providers listed on this website can assist you in all matters relating to FLT initial and refresher training.

Find Local FLT Training

Whether you are a business or private individual please use our FLT training provider search page to find a reputable, established FLT learning provider in your area.

Lorry Loader Training

Lorry loader training and certification is required if you intend to use a lorry mounted crane. Some trucks today are fitted with lorry mounted cranes to enable easier loading and unloading.

Many people use the term HIAB when describing a lorry mounted crane. This is not correct. HIAB is a brand name rather than a general industry licence.

HIAB is a brand name rather than a general industry licence.

A typical example of a truck with a lorry mounted crane is a truck that delivers bricks. There are numerous types of attachments to lorry mounted cranes including a grab, shell, hook etc. Each attachment is specific to the job that needs to be carried out.

Lorry Loader training is in part similar to FLT training. That is to say FLT and lorry loader have the same theory to practical training ratio. The duration of the lorry loader and FLT is also very similar.

Initial Lorry Loader Training

This type of course is suitable for operatives who do not poses an existing lorry loader training certificate or who have less than 6 months experience with no training certificate. Initial courses can last anything between 3 and 5 days depending on experience and the type of qualifications being sought.

There are a number of nationally recognised lorry loader vocational qualifications including ALLMI, CPCS, ITSSAR etc. For some companies and private individuals a Health & Safety certification will suffice.

The type of qualification you will need will depend on where you are going with your lorry loader. For example if you are required to deliver on a construction site then a CPCS card will be required. We suggest you speak with your local training provider first to ascertain which qualification would best suit your needs.

Refresher Lorry Loader Training

Most lorry certificates have a shelf life of 5 years so remedial training will be required.

A one day refresher course is ideal for existing HGV drivers who already have a lorry loader training certificate, but which is up for renewal. It would also be possible for suitably experienced lorry loader operatives to attend a refresher course even if they did not have a lorry loader training certificate. In this instance they would need at least 6 months lorry loader experience.

Being a refresher course, operatives are expected to already have a thorough knowledge as to how a lorry loader works and behaves.

On this website you will only find independent lorry loader training companies that deliver professional and expert training. Why not use our search page to find a reputable lorry loader training company in your area.

How much does lorry loader training cost?

Course prices vary depending on experience, location and the lorry loader accreditation being sought. A one day lorry loader refresher training course will be considerably cheaper than a full initial course however only experienced operators can attend a refresher course.

It’s also worth seeing if you can get your lorry loader training counted towards your Driver CPC qualification. Many training companies listed on this website have invested in lorry loader Driver CPC approval. It makes sense to get your lorry loader training counted as Driver CPC hours as you are then gaining 2 qualifications at the same time.

Many of the training companies listed on this website deliver lorry loader training that is also Driver CPC approved. Save time and money and go direct to experts in your area.